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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saunak to the Rescue!! :P

‘Two days, two days we have been fighting over the venue. Cant you fix a good venue??’ I shouted at Soham over the phone.
‘Am saying na, lets go to Hiland park,’ he said.
‘Aditya won’t go, he doesn’t like that place,’
‘But i wanna go there. Please please,’ Soham pleaded over the phone.
‘I don’t know, ask Megha,’ I said him. Now Megha is my sister and one of the few girls in our group. Soham sighed and I disconnected the phone. Ten minutes later I got a text from Ayush that we are going to South City. What the fuck! Not again. I called Meghna and said I am not going
‘But why?’ Megha said.
‘I’ve been there many times, I don’t wanna go again.’
‘Me too but we can’t help. It’s Soham, Ayush and Sid’s idea. I feel like crying,’ she said on phone.
I disconnected the phone again. Then I thought of an idea. I texted everyone and said to come online on facebook. Ayush, Aditya, Sid, Soham, Megha came online and we were having a group chat. And then I threw the plan of Aqua Java. Aqua Java café Istanbul is a premium hookah parlor.
‘Okay guys, meet tomorrow then we’ll decide. Aqua java will be a good option,’ I said all of them.
‘I won’t smoke hookah,’ Megha made it clear.
‘You’ll have coffee then,’
‘Okay,’ she said quite satisfied.
‘How much money will we have to bring?’ Soham asked.
‘Rs 100 per head will do,’ I said quite confidently.
Next day we all met in front of the bus stand. We were waiting for Soham and Sid as we saw an auto stopping in front of us. Saunak came out from the auto. Now Saunak is a friend of mine. We stay in the same locality. But Aditya doesn’t like Saunak much due to his over smartness, as explained by Aditya himself.
‘What’s he doing here?’ I whispered to Megha.
‘Is he going with us?’ Megha turned to Ayush.
All of us shrugged.
‘Hey buddies,’ Saunak waved at us.
‘Hey bro, you coming with us?’ I asked him.
‘Ya, you don’t know?’
Everyone looked at each other blankly and then Megha said ‘none of us knew,’
Then we all got up in the bus and went to Tollygunge metro station. From there we went to Rabindra Sadan where Aditya was waiting for us. We met there and greeted each other.
‘Hello Aditya,’ Saunak said him and smiled.
Aditya gave me a look of disgust. I shrugged and walked ahead.
From there we had a fifteen minutes walk to Rowdon Street clicking pictures and gazing at HHI planning to come Underground the next time.
Then we reached our destination.  The signboard showed Aqua Java Café Istanbul flashed in front. We went in and took our place. We took two hookahs, Kolkata Pan and Orange combo and Mint and Grape combo along with Mushroom sandwich and Ice Brista. Two hours of fun and then the disaster happened. Something which none of us will forget in life. Sid got up and the pipe stuck his leg resulting in one jar falling down splitting the water all over the sofa and the coal falling on mine and Soham’s lap.
It was still fine, but then God wanted something worst to happen, and it happened. The waiter came and said we will have to pay Rs 1000 as a fine because the jar has been broken. Wow, this is what I call embarrassment.
Megha said them ‘We don’t have money,’
‘Sorry sir, at least u’ll have pay 500, ‘the waiter said.
‘Okay give the bill,’ I said.
They gave as a slip and I checked it. My eyes were wide open.
‘How much?’ Soham asked.
‘One one five one,’ I stammered.
‘What?’ everyone shouted in unison.
I gave the bill to Ayush and said ‘Check it yourself,’
‘What the hell?’ Megha shouted, ‘I told you people to see that it doesn’t fall down. I warned you people,’
‘Don’t blame me, I was talking with Aditya,’ I shouted back.
‘Don’t create a scene guys, stop. Think about the money,’ Sid whispered.
‘How much do we have?’ I said giving my 100rs note.
Ayush, Soham and Megha took out 100 bucks each, Sid gave 150 bucks and Saunak gave 50bucks.
Saunak took the money and gave it to the waiter.
‘What about the rest?’ the waiter asked.
‘We don’t have more money,’ I said.
‘Then one of you go and bring it from somewhere,’ the waiter said and went.
All of us looked at each other searching for ideas. Complete silence among us.
‘Fuck it won’t work, ‘Aditya said, ‘do 1 thing, we don’t have money. Let’s surrender or tell them to take our watches,’
‘Can I give my watch?? Its costs 2.5k,’ I said the waiter.
‘It won’t work. U’ll have to pay in cash,’
‘Then can we pay tomorrow?’ Soham said softly.
‘Sorry sir, pay the rest of the amount now and please do it fast,’
I turned back. Saunak was not there.
‘Where is Saunak?’ I said Sid.
‘Wait I’ll see, u people manage the situation here,’
Me, Soham and Ayush tried the best but couldn’t persuade the waiter.
Fifteen minutes later Saunak and Sid returned with 600bucks.
‘Where from you got the money?’ I asked.
‘I had kept it for emergency,’ Saunak said counting the notes.
‘Then why the fuck you didn’t give it before?’ Megha said.
‘Fuck? If I didn’t have this money just think what would have happened?’ Saunak said Megha.
All kept quiet.
We counted the money and paid it to the waiter.
‘Here you go,’ I said as I and Saunak went to pay the bill.
The waiter accepted with a grin.
Then we went out and thanked Saunak. God knows what would have happened if he was not there. And as usual when we reached home everyone’s facebook status thanked Saunak, even from people who couldn’t tolerate him were bound to thank him.