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Monday, March 28, 2016

Man- The Creator of God!

The question that strikes every individual of this generation, what is the prove of the existence of God.

True there are reports of people, saints seeing and experiencing the presence of god, but there lies no authenticity. After all, whatever we read about god, we know them from books. Books we call sashtras, but alas all these manuscripts are written by human beings.
There needs to be a rationale behind the occurrence and existence of everything, that is what science has taught us. Yes, God was created by man, to bring control in the society. Once man in the primitive era started building a society, the differences in thought and fear of uncontrollability was considered a big issue. And there was one way to solve it, make laws. 
And how do you make people believe those laws? Simple, say them it's the rules by our creator, By God.
Impeccable people have come and have done great things, when the society was in danger. People like Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, Prophet Mohammad have come to this world just like any other being. The World was in chaos, it needed law and discipline and these people were successful in bringing discipline back to the society whenever it needed. These, have made them Great Men. Karma has made them what they are.To make sure chaos doesn't spread again, humans have given them the stature of God. At least people wont want to defy the rules set by God.
In recent years scientists specializing in the mind have begun to unravel religion's "DNA." They have produced robust theories, backed by empirical evidence (including "imaging" studies of the brain at work), that support the conclusion that it was humans who created God, not the other way around. And the better we understand the science, the closer we can come to "no heaven … no hell … and no religion too."
Like our physiological DNA, the psychological mechanisms behind faith evolved over the eons through natural selection. They helped our ancestors work effectively in small groups and survive and reproduce, traits developed long before recorded history, from foundations deep in our mammalian, primate and African hunter-gatherer past.

Let me ask you something,say I come up to you and say,"hey man,eating pork is not allowed,you shouldn't do it" or "hey man,you should worship a cow " or "you can't abort your child,doesn't matter if you were raped and don't want to have the baby"
what would be your response ?

It would probably be this "fuck you,you can't tell me what to do"

now the next day I come to you,with a book,a really exhaustive big book,so big that you might not even be able read all of it,and this book has a story,a story so heroic that no human could have been a protagonist,he has to be more than human,to embark upon such a journey,and on his way,he has to sacrifice things,he has to endure pain of unimaginable proportions,and he has his ideals and everything that he goes on sharing with the people during his journey,blah blah blah.a touching story really.Now I tell you that this book was written ages ago,way way before our time and this protagonist is basically a god,and he is the one who created us,he is the one who controls everything,the all knowing,the all power full,the omnipotent,the omnipresent,the omniscient.He has laid down these rules & regulations and he can punish you if you don't do what he tells you to,that bad things will happen to you if you don't do what he says,he might even send you to a place of fire and brimstone,where you will be tortured for eternity,But he Loves you,ohh he loves you a lot .And now I show you the book and say, "look its all real man,the book claims that this really happened and look he says here that you can't eat pork/drink wine/smoke/sleep around/ etc etc"

you still don't believe me,but now you have your doubts,next day you have pork for lunch and say while coming back from work you slip and break a hip,man now you  can't help but think about the things in that book,now you fear that dude in the book,you tell your story to your relatives and being naive as most people are they start to follow the book too,because they know that this really happened to you,so they better not do those things otherwise something bad might happen to them,now they are scared of that dude in the book. 

now cut to a few thousand years later and almost everybody now believes that pork/drinking/smoking/sleeping around /etc etc are bad,not only are they considered  bad,they are now banned And they have these temples now or churches or whatever,where they come together to pray to him every now and then,they have these holidays to celebrate different things this god this concept has been engrained in their lifestyle,it what they teach their kids and its what they ll teach their kids and so on this concept perpetuates and now religion has established its roots so deep down that these people will not listen to any logic or reason.They are not too sure about the origins of the book or who wrote it or where this "god" lived,but what they are so sure of is that this happened and its 100% true.

Now I go up to them and tell them that this was just a joke,the book is made up,its not true,you can do whatever the fuck you want.
and you know the response I would get to this now
that's right,you guessed it
"fuck you,who are you to tell us what to do,you little atheist cunt?"
now I can't undo this,now they have these religious scholars,who have done nothing in their life but read that one god-damn book(pun intended),whatever I try to tell them,these guys would not take it,I can't reason with them,and everyone else thinks that these are the wise guys the enlightened,and I am just a doubter,what do I know.

And that my friend is how religion or god was created by man,it was initially created to control men,to get them to do what you want them to do,a scheme conjured by a bunch of smart people to control a much bigger bunch of stupid people,to get them to do what they wanted.
But now the tables have turned,and now religion governs man.and this process is sadly irreversible,there is no way back for man from this now.
An Osho philosopher once said me, "The true religion can only be one, just like science. You don't have a Mohammedanphysics, a Hinduphysics, a Christianphysics; that would be nonsense. But that's what the religions have done – they have made the whole earth a madhouse."

Atheism is the only thing that can save us. Yes, there is an existence of energy, something which cant be defined. But God in a humanely figure?
Well, I doubt.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Apology to a Woman - The Best Creation of God

She had to make a stern choice.
At stake was her family. She had to decide between her family and herself. It was tough for her, but she had no choice. She didn’t want to work anymore. But her family would starve then. .
She felt unsafe. She never thought, the world could be so bad to her.
She still remembers that day. She was just five years old when her uncle used to tell her how beautiful she is. She never knew why his uncle always had to slip his hands in her pants to make her feel beautiful. She never liked it, but she never complained. She was too innocent to understand that. She was too young to feel harassed. She was afraid to protest.

She was just fourteen when her chemistry teacher called her in the lab alone promising her to give highest in exams. For the first time she felt pain. Irresistible pain. She felt like pushing away her teacher. But he was all over her. And he was so heavy. She was bleeding profusely, but her teacher seemed to have no mercy. She didn’t understand what was the teacher trying to do, but she was scared, lost, broken. She knew something wrong had been done, but she couldn’t understand what.
She decided not to speak up as she promised her teacher she won’t. And her innocence taught her never to break promises.

She was just sixteen. And yes, her uncle was right. She was beautiful. And she had a handsome guy in her life. A guy whom she loved more than anything else. A guy, for whom she was ready to do everything. A guy from whom she just wanted love and respect which she never got in her life. A guy whom she thought she could trust the most, so much that she allowed him to take videos of their private moments, only to find it out later uploaded in a porn site. She was shattered. She never imagined her there, in a site between porn stars. But she was. That too because of the guy she loved the most. She lost hope.

Now she is twenty three. Sudden demise of her father brought her into a shock. She is the only earner in her family now. She asked her boss for a better payment only to be asked for her body in exchange for a night. She never imagined that her beauty could end up becoming a curse.
She doesn’t know what to do. She nods to her boss, and then he takes her to the room. She feels the pain all over again. She hates herself for being a woman. She gives up. She kills herself.

Sad story, isn’t it?
We the MEN have always hurted her. Always deprived her of the love and affection she always deserved. Always mistreated her, pushed her in the darkness she didn’t want to go to.
They are not safe in a place where they belong. It’s their home. They don’t deserve to be in the darkness, the people who hurt them deserve to be there. And we being the masculine part should protect them. Wake up MEN. It’s time to protect the most precious species in the world.

WOMEN they are- The best creation of God.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A dig in the world of Philosophy

Okay enough of stories, lets deal with some philosophical stuff now!!!
I know I am not an expert in this, still I thought of just giving a try.
We, the human beings make the society, but it’s not the society which adjusts, rather it’s us who have to.
You must have seen, there are people with similar attributes, but one of them succeeds and the other fails to.
This is basically not because determination or motivation, as normally people conclude.
Let’s take a small example. Ram and Laxman are two people with similar attributes. You may find that when both compete for something, Ram succeeds all the time, resulting Laxman to emerge as a failure.
Conclusions may be derived as such:
1)   Ram is much more intelligent than Laxman.
2)   Ram is determined to achieve success.

Is it so?? Think it yourself!!!
Ram and Laxman, both are human beings. So, both have got the same brain (it’s already mentioned before that they have same attributes), so the question of Ram being more intelligent doesn’t even arise.

Secondly, as per human nature, nobody wants to be a failure. So, if Ram succeeds, it can’t be derived that Laxman was low on motivation or determination (because both were having similar attributes)

So where do you think the problem lies????
It’s all about ‘Good Fit’ and ‘Bad Fit’.

Whatever we do…we follow a way of approach, and that is what defines a person, the way we approach things. The way we talk, is derived from the way we approach people. The way we eat is derived from the way we approach food. The way we walk is derived from the way we approach the road.
Yes, every person has a different way of approach, because perceptions matter from person to person.
So, if your way of approach is with the run of the society, you are termed as a ‘Good Fit’, i.e the society accepts you and you are successful.
And, if your way of approach doesn’t go with the society, you are termed as a ‘Bad Fit’,i.e the society doesn’t accepts you and you emerge as a failure.

Heard about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla??
Well, Nikola Tesla invented AC electricity (Alternating Current), which used induction to produce electricity. Nikola Tesla introduced wireless electricity in the 19th century, when Thomas Edison’s DC electricity (Direct Current) was termed as a big invention. Tesla said that with the help of AC electricity even things which don’t produce electricity could be electrocuted.
The society in the 19th Century though, was not ready to accept it, and Tesla didn’t get the fame he deserved, i.e he emerged as a ‘Bad Fit’

Today, Nokia’s wireless electricity charger, one of the biggest innovations in the world of cell phones is based on Nikola Tesla’s AC Electricity model.
So, what it proves is that, Tesla was someone with qualities. But his concept was not in run with the society, and he emerged as a ‘Bad Fit’
If he would have been born today, he might have become a ‘Good Fit’ for the society.
Similarly people who wrote the Vedas might have become a ‘Bad Fit’ if they wrote it in the 21st century.

So how to be a ‘Good Fit’??
Simple. Be a Go-getter. Go-getter is someone who learns something or the other from everyone, copies them, modifies those qualities in his own way, adapts to the society and grabs success.
To be a ‘Good Fit’ to the society, you have to learn the society first. And one can only learn the society when he adjusts to it.
Yes, it’s not important what we want, what’s more important is what the society wants from us.
If we can give those things which the society expects and not what we are capable of giving, then we don’t have to follow success, success will follow us itself.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Train!!!

Hi guys,I am back after a break. And this time with a true story. Well so lets stop wasting time and start it.

It was boring. The journey was quite boring. I was sitting in the AC Two tier lower berth of the window side, returning from Bhubuneswar all alone. Have to kill time somehow, i thought. Along with me was sitting a man who was busy texting in the phone for probably thirty minutes. Suddenly my phone rang.
Nishank calling, it showed.
'Hello,' i picked it up.
'Hey bro, I checked your blog, loved the stories,' he said from the other side.
'Well, thanks,' I replied.
'So, when is the next story coming up?'
'Umm, no idea. I need a topic to write my next story. And I am blank as of now,' I sighed.
'Okay bro let me know when you write it,' and he disconnected.
'So you write stories?' the man sitting opposite me asked.
'Ya kind of, why?' i asked.
'Umm, can you please give me your site?'
'Ya okay,' i said and gave him the link.
After checking my stories for full forty five minutes he said 'So, when are you writing your next?'
'I dont have a topic as of now,' I said and smiled.
'Well , I have a story for you,' he said.
'Really?' i was a bit surprised.
'Ya its my story, and you may find it interesting,'
'Okay so start. I am sure it'll kill time for me,'
'But I have a condition,' he said as he put the phone in his pocket.
'Ya say,' I signaled to continue.
'You,ll have to write it as your story,' he said 'the protagonist as you,'
'Okay,' I nodded my head.

So here I start the story. I am writing is at my story because I promised him to do so.
I am Sanjay Kothari, teacher of Allen Institute, Kota. Six years ago i was on my way to Jaipur in a train and like this I was getting bored when I thought of killing time. Tanisha, a very sweet girl was sitting in the opposite side. Looking at her face I could easily say she was getting bored.
'Hey,' I said her.
'Hi,' she smiled and replied.
'Looks like you aren't having a good time,' I asked.
'Ya, boring journey you know,'
'By the way I am Sanjay,'
M Tanisha,'
Then we talked for some time and I came to know she was studying Engineering  in Jaipur and was in her final year. We talked more and more.
'So where are you going?' I asked her.
'Jaisalmer, my uncle's house. And you?'
'I am heading to Jaipur for a seminar,'
I don't know why but I found her smile very sweet. I couldn't remove my eyes of her. She was going on talking and I was staring at her face. Don't know why but I was loving it. I wanted her to talk and smile like this forever.
'So any boyfriend?' I asked her. I couldn't resist myself asking it.
'No, not yet, You?girlfriend?' she asked.
'Naah, never fell in love,' I replied.
'Okay, good,' she smiled.
I actually found my girl, just now. Its you damn it. I wanted to say this but couldn't. Something stopped me from inside. Maybe it was that I was approaching a girl for the first time so was afraid. Then Jaipur came and I bade her good bye.
'Bye, it's nice meeting you,' I said and smiled.
'You are the best guy I ever came across,' she said and smiled. I went down the train. 
I attended the seminar and it was a good one. In all these times I didn't think about that girl, not even for a second.
She came back in my mind, when I was returning from Jaipur to Kota. And this time she was there. she didn't leave my mind. I went to Kota and classes started for me. But somehow in some corner of my heart her smile was still there. I am the best guy she ever met, i thought over and over. Then one day I decided it, I had to find her out. 
Everyday I checked every train going to Jaisalmer from Kota, but it never helped. I never found her. I prayed God to let me meet her once, so that I could tell her that I love her. I cried alone and missed her. What if she gets a boyfriend? what if i was just a stranger for her? This thoughts came in my m mind. Still, I knew I had to find her out. Six months passed. I was standing on platform no.3 of Kota station. I decided, this is it. If i dont find her today, I will have to forget her.
I checked the reservation list of a train going to Jaisalmer.I found three girls named Tanisha on the list. I went up to the compartment and searched her. And there she was. Drinking Frooti and putting her luggage on place. 
'Tanisha.' I called her.
She turned to me.. I said her to come down to the platform. She followed me down.
'Remember me?' I asked her. My heartbeat was fastening up.
'Umm, ya. Sanjay right?' she smiled with those deadly eyes looking at me.
'Yes. I wanted to say you something. I have been searching for you for the last six months. Finally I found you,'
'Really? but why?'she asked in a shocked way.
I bent before her, held her hand and said 'I love you. I loved you from the moment you smiled and said me "hey". I loved you when you said me I am the best guy you ever met. I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I have loved you for the last six months. Will you marry me?'
All the passersby were looking at us. Her eyes became wet. She wiped them and said 'If you loved me then why didn't you say it to me six months ago when we met?'
'I wanted to but I wasn't sure. Please don't say you don't love me,' I folded my hands.
She bent down, kissed on my cheeks and said 'Love you too,' 
I was the happiest person on earth. I finally had her. Next year we got married. Now we are married for five years. And I am expecting my first baby soon.

'Is it true?' I asked him.
'Ya, now i'll be grateful to you if you write this boy,' he said and smiled.
'I'll sir, ;I said and smiled back.
'Oh, Balasore has come, I need to get down. Hope to meet you again. And you write well, keep up the good work,' he said and went down.
I was still lost in the story. That's the power of love. Hats off to you Mr. Sanjay Kothar. This story is for you..

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bet!!!

Before I start the story..let me clear it out that it is entirely fictional and there is no resemblance with real life.Yes this is my story..but not because its related to my life, but only because I wrote it. Now here I start..

The environment was totally thrilled. Loud music playing all over the ground, girls dancing all around us and performers rocking the center stage, it was total party time.It's the Great TTIS Carnival 2009.
'Okay,  now its time for the fashion parade,' the host announced as the bunch of people on the ground hooted.
Lights went off and with the DJ playing the best music collection, one by one hot girls came down the floor to showcase their fashion sense.
The guys were least bothered about their dresses, what all mattered was their assets.
'Man she is hot, i give her 10 out of 10,' Ashish whispered in my ears, pointing to a fair girl who took the stage.
'Agreed, it would be nice to put  her on bed,' I said as we did a hi-five.
'You think you can?' he asked in a sarcastic tone.
'You bet?' it was a matter of ego for me.
'I put 1000bucks, if you can take her to bed in the next one year, i give you 1000 bucks,'
'And if i cant?' i asked.
'Then it will be just the opposite,'he said as he laughed.
I nodded my head and went forward to the girls who were jumping in the front row.
'Hey girl, can you tell me the name of the pretty woman who just left the stage??,' i asked one of them.
'That's Zoya Parveen of G.D Birla, my friend, why?' the girl replied.
'Okay, she is gonna win,' i winked and left.

Next day the moment i left the bed, the first thing i did was checking out Facebook. Zoya Parveen, that's the name i had to search, and fortunately i found her. Then i went to the 'Send Request' button and clicked.
Two days passed and then i saw that my request has been accepted. luckily i found her online too.
i started off a chat..
Me: Hi...
Zoya: Helloww...
Me: In the TTIS carnival fashion parade u were looking damn hawt...
Zoya: Oh really?? You saw me?? the way from ur dps i can guess u look hawt too...
Me: Haha..but not as hawt as u...
Zoya: Thats flattering..m impressed..
Me: May be i just wanted to impress u only...
Zoya: sweet..muuahh..Newaz i hav 2 go..catch ya latr...
Me: Ohk..cya soon...bubyee! <3 <3 <3
Zoya: Haha..! <3 <3 <3
Me: :))
Zoya: :))
That was our 1st chat..then we exchanged numbers, met, hanged out, went for lunch and three months later she seemed to be my world.
'Dude, i think i am in love,' i said Ashish as we met
'What? Really? who's the lucky girl?' Ashish asked patting on my back.
'Remember Zoya Parveen??'
Don't say me you have fallen for her, you were on a mission right?' Ashish said .
'Bunk it, i am no more in this bet, i love her. and i know she loves me too,' i said as i stood up and went away.

Two days passed. i was going to meet Zoya after a month and it was the day of Eid. She dressed herself in a silk translucent sari, with not much make up. God, i couldn't move my eyes away from her.
'Hi, you are looking gorgeous,' i said her.
'Thank you, even you are looking hot,' she said and giggled.
'Zoya, i think i am in love,' i said her avoiding eye contact.
'Really? tell me the name please,' she sounded excited.
'Her name is Zoya Parveen, and she is standing right in front of me,' i said closing my eyes.
'Is it so? you really love me,' she said softly.
'I do, i really do. I love you more than anything in this world,' i opened my eyes slowly and looked at her.
Tears were rolling down her eyes. her eyes were closed. i sighed and turned back. She hold my hand and and pulled me towards her. Then she softly said me 'Yo have no idea how long i waited to hear this from you,'
I opened my eyes. Happiness was bursting in my heart. 
'I love you too, ' she said me and we kissed.

Two more months passed. We were happily in love with each other. With each and every passing day i fell in love with her more and more. 
Then came March. It was her birthday. My parents were out of station and she came to my house on her birthday. I ordered a big cake for her. We cut the cake together and then started throwing them at each other. The fun brought out the passion inside us and we ended up kissing. The kiss changed into shedding off clothes which ultimately ended in both of us making love.

After twenty minutes of immense loss of energy we lied naked in the bed.
'Sam, you will never cheat on me na?' she asked. I could feel a vibration in her voice.
'I wont Zoya,' i said as i pulled her towards me tightly.
'Remember one thing Sam, the day you cheat on me will be the last day of my life,' she said as tears rolled down her eyes.
I kissed her forehead and said 'Love you baby,'.

Next day Zoya decided to give a birthday party. Only I and Ashish were among the invitees.
'So how is things going between you people?' Ashish asked her.
'Umm...he is the best guy i could have got,'
'Cool...have you people kissed?  he asked in a funny way.
'Last night we did everything,' Zoya said and kissed on my cheeks.
'Wow, really Sameer?' Ashish looked at me.
I nodded.
He took out a 1000 rupee note from his wallet and put it on the table, 'Here you go man, you win the bet,'
'Bet?what bet?' Zoya was puzzled.
'Nothing, ignore it,' i said as i signaled Ashish to drop the topic.
But that bastard had other plans. He stood up and turned to Zoya, 'Well five months ago when we first saw you, we put a bet. Sameer had to take you to bed to win this 1000 rupees. And guess what? He won,' he said and broke into laughter.
Zoya's happiness was gone. A dark shade fell on her face. She looked at me with wet eyes. then she got up and walked out of the restaurant.
I ran behind her and hold her hand, 'Zoya listen to me,'
'Just go Sameer. I trusted you. I loved you more than myself. And you played with me. You never loved me. All you wanted is to sleep with me. Get lost. I hate you,' she kicked me hard and ran away.
I went home and tried to contact her a lot, but she didn't pick up the phone. She didn't even reply to my messages.
I cried and cried. Yes I started talking with her because of the bet but then as I interacteed more with her i actually fell in love with her. I loved her more than anything in this world.
I was crying like hell. I don't know when i slept that night.
Next morning when i woke up i checked my cell. it showed one new message from Zoya. I opened it.
You cheated me..time to keep my promise...bye Sam..

My hands trembled as I moved my eyes through the message I read it again and again. I pinched myself and begged that i am dreaming. But i wasn't. It was reality. I called Zoya. An old lady picked up the phone.
'Aunty, Zoya's home?' I asked.
The lady started crying 'She hung herself. My child left me,' 
Tthe phone fell down from my hand. I lost my senses. I ran out of my house and went to Zoya's house. It was crowded by her neighbors. The police was yet to come. Her body was lying on the balcony covered by a white cloth. I was shocked to see that. Tears in my eyes dried up. I ran up towards her room. There under the pillow i found a letter.

Sam, i have always loved you and i cant think about anyone else in my life. I expected you to love me too. But the one whom i loved more than my own self betrayed me. I was hurt Sam. I lost my motive to live. You were the reason I lived for. But You only betrayed me.. I love you Sam and i'll always do. Remember Sam i said you that the day you betray me will be the last day of my life?
You betrayed me Sam...and its time for me to keep my promise. Good bye Sam, hope to meet you in heaven.
Love You,
Zoya  <3 <3

I read that again and again. She left me. I went out of her house and returned home. I still cant believe she left me. Even years later i believe Zoya is with me, every time, everywhere through her last letter. I am not so courageous that i can kill myself so i am just waiting for the day when i'll go to heaven and meet Zoya.. that's the motive of my life now!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My first poem! :)

This is my first poem. I have tried to write poems many times before, but all in vain. This time, I knew I could write it because it’s about her. I don’t know the poem has been good or not, but as because it’s about her, I thought of sharing it.

Your eyes made me feel for you,
They are full of blossom,
I don’t know why I love you,
You are just so awesome.
Your soft voice and lovely smile,
Are enough to make my heart go heavy,
Whenever you turn away,
I feel like saying, ‘Don’t go baby,’

Even a few months ago,
Things didn’t go this far,
But now, I wish you loved me too,
Every time I see a falling star.
Yes, you are the woman, who changed me,
Taught me how to live,
Before I met you, I was a spoiled boy,
But now that’s hard to believe.

I have got everything I wanted,
You are the only exception,
But I already take you as my beloved,
Though, it’s from my perception.
I know I am dreaming a lot,
Because chances are less,
But I won’t give up till I die,
I want to win this race.

Trust me, no one can love you like me,
Because I love you the most,
And I’ll keep on loving you,
Even after, I become a ghost.
I don’t know why it happens,
But even when I stare at the wall,
Only one face fills up my eyes,
It’s you Puja Agarwal.

Dedicated to the girl whom I have truly loved. Hope she’ll understand one day.
                                                                                           -Suman Naskar

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saunak to the Rescue!! :P

‘Two days, two days we have been fighting over the venue. Cant you fix a good venue??’ I shouted at Soham over the phone.
‘Am saying na, lets go to Hiland park,’ he said.
‘Aditya won’t go, he doesn’t like that place,’
‘But i wanna go there. Please please,’ Soham pleaded over the phone.
‘I don’t know, ask Megha,’ I said him. Now Megha is my sister and one of the few girls in our group. Soham sighed and I disconnected the phone. Ten minutes later I got a text from Ayush that we are going to South City. What the fuck! Not again. I called Meghna and said I am not going
‘But why?’ Megha said.
‘I’ve been there many times, I don’t wanna go again.’
‘Me too but we can’t help. It’s Soham, Ayush and Sid’s idea. I feel like crying,’ she said on phone.
I disconnected the phone again. Then I thought of an idea. I texted everyone and said to come online on facebook. Ayush, Aditya, Sid, Soham, Megha came online and we were having a group chat. And then I threw the plan of Aqua Java. Aqua Java café Istanbul is a premium hookah parlor.
‘Okay guys, meet tomorrow then we’ll decide. Aqua java will be a good option,’ I said all of them.
‘I won’t smoke hookah,’ Megha made it clear.
‘You’ll have coffee then,’
‘Okay,’ she said quite satisfied.
‘How much money will we have to bring?’ Soham asked.
‘Rs 100 per head will do,’ I said quite confidently.
Next day we all met in front of the bus stand. We were waiting for Soham and Sid as we saw an auto stopping in front of us. Saunak came out from the auto. Now Saunak is a friend of mine. We stay in the same locality. But Aditya doesn’t like Saunak much due to his over smartness, as explained by Aditya himself.
‘What’s he doing here?’ I whispered to Megha.
‘Is he going with us?’ Megha turned to Ayush.
All of us shrugged.
‘Hey buddies,’ Saunak waved at us.
‘Hey bro, you coming with us?’ I asked him.
‘Ya, you don’t know?’
Everyone looked at each other blankly and then Megha said ‘none of us knew,’
Then we all got up in the bus and went to Tollygunge metro station. From there we went to Rabindra Sadan where Aditya was waiting for us. We met there and greeted each other.
‘Hello Aditya,’ Saunak said him and smiled.
Aditya gave me a look of disgust. I shrugged and walked ahead.
From there we had a fifteen minutes walk to Rowdon Street clicking pictures and gazing at HHI planning to come Underground the next time.
Then we reached our destination.  The signboard showed Aqua Java Café Istanbul flashed in front. We went in and took our place. We took two hookahs, Kolkata Pan and Orange combo and Mint and Grape combo along with Mushroom sandwich and Ice Brista. Two hours of fun and then the disaster happened. Something which none of us will forget in life. Sid got up and the pipe stuck his leg resulting in one jar falling down splitting the water all over the sofa and the coal falling on mine and Soham’s lap.
It was still fine, but then God wanted something worst to happen, and it happened. The waiter came and said we will have to pay Rs 1000 as a fine because the jar has been broken. Wow, this is what I call embarrassment.
Megha said them ‘We don’t have money,’
‘Sorry sir, at least u’ll have pay 500, ‘the waiter said.
‘Okay give the bill,’ I said.
They gave as a slip and I checked it. My eyes were wide open.
‘How much?’ Soham asked.
‘One one five one,’ I stammered.
‘What?’ everyone shouted in unison.
I gave the bill to Ayush and said ‘Check it yourself,’
‘What the hell?’ Megha shouted, ‘I told you people to see that it doesn’t fall down. I warned you people,’
‘Don’t blame me, I was talking with Aditya,’ I shouted back.
‘Don’t create a scene guys, stop. Think about the money,’ Sid whispered.
‘How much do we have?’ I said giving my 100rs note.
Ayush, Soham and Megha took out 100 bucks each, Sid gave 150 bucks and Saunak gave 50bucks.
Saunak took the money and gave it to the waiter.
‘What about the rest?’ the waiter asked.
‘We don’t have more money,’ I said.
‘Then one of you go and bring it from somewhere,’ the waiter said and went.
All of us looked at each other searching for ideas. Complete silence among us.
‘Fuck it won’t work, ‘Aditya said, ‘do 1 thing, we don’t have money. Let’s surrender or tell them to take our watches,’
‘Can I give my watch?? Its costs 2.5k,’ I said the waiter.
‘It won’t work. U’ll have to pay in cash,’
‘Then can we pay tomorrow?’ Soham said softly.
‘Sorry sir, pay the rest of the amount now and please do it fast,’
I turned back. Saunak was not there.
‘Where is Saunak?’ I said Sid.
‘Wait I’ll see, u people manage the situation here,’
Me, Soham and Ayush tried the best but couldn’t persuade the waiter.
Fifteen minutes later Saunak and Sid returned with 600bucks.
‘Where from you got the money?’ I asked.
‘I had kept it for emergency,’ Saunak said counting the notes.
‘Then why the fuck you didn’t give it before?’ Megha said.
‘Fuck? If I didn’t have this money just think what would have happened?’ Saunak said Megha.
All kept quiet.
We counted the money and paid it to the waiter.
‘Here you go,’ I said as I and Saunak went to pay the bill.
The waiter accepted with a grin.
Then we went out and thanked Saunak. God knows what would have happened if he was not there. And as usual when we reached home everyone’s facebook status thanked Saunak, even from people who couldn’t tolerate him were bound to thank him.