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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bet!!!

Before I start the story..let me clear it out that it is entirely fictional and there is no resemblance with real life.Yes this is my story..but not because its related to my life, but only because I wrote it. Now here I start..

The environment was totally thrilled. Loud music playing all over the ground, girls dancing all around us and performers rocking the center stage, it was total party time.It's the Great TTIS Carnival 2009.
'Okay,  now its time for the fashion parade,' the host announced as the bunch of people on the ground hooted.
Lights went off and with the DJ playing the best music collection, one by one hot girls came down the floor to showcase their fashion sense.
The guys were least bothered about their dresses, what all mattered was their assets.
'Man she is hot, i give her 10 out of 10,' Ashish whispered in my ears, pointing to a fair girl who took the stage.
'Agreed, it would be nice to put  her on bed,' I said as we did a hi-five.
'You think you can?' he asked in a sarcastic tone.
'You bet?' it was a matter of ego for me.
'I put 1000bucks, if you can take her to bed in the next one year, i give you 1000 bucks,'
'And if i cant?' i asked.
'Then it will be just the opposite,'he said as he laughed.
I nodded my head and went forward to the girls who were jumping in the front row.
'Hey girl, can you tell me the name of the pretty woman who just left the stage??,' i asked one of them.
'That's Zoya Parveen of G.D Birla, my friend, why?' the girl replied.
'Okay, she is gonna win,' i winked and left.

Next day the moment i left the bed, the first thing i did was checking out Facebook. Zoya Parveen, that's the name i had to search, and fortunately i found her. Then i went to the 'Send Request' button and clicked.
Two days passed and then i saw that my request has been accepted. luckily i found her online too.
i started off a chat..
Me: Hi...
Zoya: Helloww...
Me: In the TTIS carnival fashion parade u were looking damn hawt...
Zoya: Oh really?? You saw me?? the way from ur dps i can guess u look hawt too...
Me: Haha..but not as hawt as u...
Zoya: Thats flattering..m impressed..
Me: May be i just wanted to impress u only...
Zoya: sweet..muuahh..Newaz i hav 2 go..catch ya latr...
Me: Ohk..cya soon...bubyee! <3 <3 <3
Zoya: Haha..! <3 <3 <3
Me: :))
Zoya: :))
That was our 1st chat..then we exchanged numbers, met, hanged out, went for lunch and three months later she seemed to be my world.
'Dude, i think i am in love,' i said Ashish as we met
'What? Really? who's the lucky girl?' Ashish asked patting on my back.
'Remember Zoya Parveen??'
Don't say me you have fallen for her, you were on a mission right?' Ashish said .
'Bunk it, i am no more in this bet, i love her. and i know she loves me too,' i said as i stood up and went away.

Two days passed. i was going to meet Zoya after a month and it was the day of Eid. She dressed herself in a silk translucent sari, with not much make up. God, i couldn't move my eyes away from her.
'Hi, you are looking gorgeous,' i said her.
'Thank you, even you are looking hot,' she said and giggled.
'Zoya, i think i am in love,' i said her avoiding eye contact.
'Really? tell me the name please,' she sounded excited.
'Her name is Zoya Parveen, and she is standing right in front of me,' i said closing my eyes.
'Is it so? you really love me,' she said softly.
'I do, i really do. I love you more than anything in this world,' i opened my eyes slowly and looked at her.
Tears were rolling down her eyes. her eyes were closed. i sighed and turned back. She hold my hand and and pulled me towards her. Then she softly said me 'Yo have no idea how long i waited to hear this from you,'
I opened my eyes. Happiness was bursting in my heart. 
'I love you too, ' she said me and we kissed.

Two more months passed. We were happily in love with each other. With each and every passing day i fell in love with her more and more. 
Then came March. It was her birthday. My parents were out of station and she came to my house on her birthday. I ordered a big cake for her. We cut the cake together and then started throwing them at each other. The fun brought out the passion inside us and we ended up kissing. The kiss changed into shedding off clothes which ultimately ended in both of us making love.

After twenty minutes of immense loss of energy we lied naked in the bed.
'Sam, you will never cheat on me na?' she asked. I could feel a vibration in her voice.
'I wont Zoya,' i said as i pulled her towards me tightly.
'Remember one thing Sam, the day you cheat on me will be the last day of my life,' she said as tears rolled down her eyes.
I kissed her forehead and said 'Love you baby,'.

Next day Zoya decided to give a birthday party. Only I and Ashish were among the invitees.
'So how is things going between you people?' Ashish asked her.
'Umm...he is the best guy i could have got,'
'Cool...have you people kissed?  he asked in a funny way.
'Last night we did everything,' Zoya said and kissed on my cheeks.
'Wow, really Sameer?' Ashish looked at me.
I nodded.
He took out a 1000 rupee note from his wallet and put it on the table, 'Here you go man, you win the bet,'
'Bet?what bet?' Zoya was puzzled.
'Nothing, ignore it,' i said as i signaled Ashish to drop the topic.
But that bastard had other plans. He stood up and turned to Zoya, 'Well five months ago when we first saw you, we put a bet. Sameer had to take you to bed to win this 1000 rupees. And guess what? He won,' he said and broke into laughter.
Zoya's happiness was gone. A dark shade fell on her face. She looked at me with wet eyes. then she got up and walked out of the restaurant.
I ran behind her and hold her hand, 'Zoya listen to me,'
'Just go Sameer. I trusted you. I loved you more than myself. And you played with me. You never loved me. All you wanted is to sleep with me. Get lost. I hate you,' she kicked me hard and ran away.
I went home and tried to contact her a lot, but she didn't pick up the phone. She didn't even reply to my messages.
I cried and cried. Yes I started talking with her because of the bet but then as I interacteed more with her i actually fell in love with her. I loved her more than anything in this world.
I was crying like hell. I don't know when i slept that night.
Next morning when i woke up i checked my cell. it showed one new message from Zoya. I opened it.
You cheated me..time to keep my promise...bye Sam..

My hands trembled as I moved my eyes through the message I read it again and again. I pinched myself and begged that i am dreaming. But i wasn't. It was reality. I called Zoya. An old lady picked up the phone.
'Aunty, Zoya's home?' I asked.
The lady started crying 'She hung herself. My child left me,' 
Tthe phone fell down from my hand. I lost my senses. I ran out of my house and went to Zoya's house. It was crowded by her neighbors. The police was yet to come. Her body was lying on the balcony covered by a white cloth. I was shocked to see that. Tears in my eyes dried up. I ran up towards her room. There under the pillow i found a letter.

Sam, i have always loved you and i cant think about anyone else in my life. I expected you to love me too. But the one whom i loved more than my own self betrayed me. I was hurt Sam. I lost my motive to live. You were the reason I lived for. But You only betrayed me.. I love you Sam and i'll always do. Remember Sam i said you that the day you betray me will be the last day of my life?
You betrayed me Sam...and its time for me to keep my promise. Good bye Sam, hope to meet you in heaven.
Love You,
Zoya  <3 <3

I read that again and again. She left me. I went out of her house and returned home. I still cant believe she left me. Even years later i believe Zoya is with me, every time, everywhere through her last letter. I am not so courageous that i can kill myself so i am just waiting for the day when i'll go to heaven and meet Zoya.. that's the motive of my life now!