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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A dig in the world of Philosophy

Okay enough of stories, lets deal with some philosophical stuff now!!!
I know I am not an expert in this, still I thought of just giving a try.
We, the human beings make the society, but it’s not the society which adjusts, rather it’s us who have to.
You must have seen, there are people with similar attributes, but one of them succeeds and the other fails to.
This is basically not because determination or motivation, as normally people conclude.
Let’s take a small example. Ram and Laxman are two people with similar attributes. You may find that when both compete for something, Ram succeeds all the time, resulting Laxman to emerge as a failure.
Conclusions may be derived as such:
1)   Ram is much more intelligent than Laxman.
2)   Ram is determined to achieve success.

Is it so?? Think it yourself!!!
Ram and Laxman, both are human beings. So, both have got the same brain (it’s already mentioned before that they have same attributes), so the question of Ram being more intelligent doesn’t even arise.

Secondly, as per human nature, nobody wants to be a failure. So, if Ram succeeds, it can’t be derived that Laxman was low on motivation or determination (because both were having similar attributes)

So where do you think the problem lies????
It’s all about ‘Good Fit’ and ‘Bad Fit’.

Whatever we do…we follow a way of approach, and that is what defines a person, the way we approach things. The way we talk, is derived from the way we approach people. The way we eat is derived from the way we approach food. The way we walk is derived from the way we approach the road.
Yes, every person has a different way of approach, because perceptions matter from person to person.
So, if your way of approach is with the run of the society, you are termed as a ‘Good Fit’, i.e the society accepts you and you are successful.
And, if your way of approach doesn’t go with the society, you are termed as a ‘Bad Fit’,i.e the society doesn’t accepts you and you emerge as a failure.

Heard about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla??
Well, Nikola Tesla invented AC electricity (Alternating Current), which used induction to produce electricity. Nikola Tesla introduced wireless electricity in the 19th century, when Thomas Edison’s DC electricity (Direct Current) was termed as a big invention. Tesla said that with the help of AC electricity even things which don’t produce electricity could be electrocuted.
The society in the 19th Century though, was not ready to accept it, and Tesla didn’t get the fame he deserved, i.e he emerged as a ‘Bad Fit’

Today, Nokia’s wireless electricity charger, one of the biggest innovations in the world of cell phones is based on Nikola Tesla’s AC Electricity model.
So, what it proves is that, Tesla was someone with qualities. But his concept was not in run with the society, and he emerged as a ‘Bad Fit’
If he would have been born today, he might have become a ‘Good Fit’ for the society.
Similarly people who wrote the Vedas might have become a ‘Bad Fit’ if they wrote it in the 21st century.

So how to be a ‘Good Fit’??
Simple. Be a Go-getter. Go-getter is someone who learns something or the other from everyone, copies them, modifies those qualities in his own way, adapts to the society and grabs success.
To be a ‘Good Fit’ to the society, you have to learn the society first. And one can only learn the society when he adjusts to it.
Yes, it’s not important what we want, what’s more important is what the society wants from us.
If we can give those things which the society expects and not what we are capable of giving, then we don’t have to follow success, success will follow us itself.