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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Apology to a Woman - The Best Creation of God

She had to make a stern choice.
At stake was her family. She had to decide between her family and herself. It was tough for her, but she had no choice. She didn’t want to work anymore. But her family would starve then. .
She felt unsafe. She never thought, the world could be so bad to her.
She still remembers that day. She was just five years old when her uncle used to tell her how beautiful she is. She never knew why his uncle always had to slip his hands in her pants to make her feel beautiful. She never liked it, but she never complained. She was too innocent to understand that. She was too young to feel harassed. She was afraid to protest.

She was just fourteen when her chemistry teacher called her in the lab alone promising her to give highest in exams. For the first time she felt pain. Irresistible pain. She felt like pushing away her teacher. But he was all over her. And he was so heavy. She was bleeding profusely, but her teacher seemed to have no mercy. She didn’t understand what was the teacher trying to do, but she was scared, lost, broken. She knew something wrong had been done, but she couldn’t understand what.
She decided not to speak up as she promised her teacher she won’t. And her innocence taught her never to break promises.

She was just sixteen. And yes, her uncle was right. She was beautiful. And she had a handsome guy in her life. A guy whom she loved more than anything else. A guy, for whom she was ready to do everything. A guy from whom she just wanted love and respect which she never got in her life. A guy whom she thought she could trust the most, so much that she allowed him to take videos of their private moments, only to find it out later uploaded in a porn site. She was shattered. She never imagined her there, in a site between porn stars. But she was. That too because of the guy she loved the most. She lost hope.

Now she is twenty three. Sudden demise of her father brought her into a shock. She is the only earner in her family now. She asked her boss for a better payment only to be asked for her body in exchange for a night. She never imagined that her beauty could end up becoming a curse.
She doesn’t know what to do. She nods to her boss, and then he takes her to the room. She feels the pain all over again. She hates herself for being a woman. She gives up. She kills herself.

Sad story, isn’t it?
We the MEN have always hurted her. Always deprived her of the love and affection she always deserved. Always mistreated her, pushed her in the darkness she didn’t want to go to.
They are not safe in a place where they belong. It’s their home. They don’t deserve to be in the darkness, the people who hurt them deserve to be there. And we being the masculine part should protect them. Wake up MEN. It’s time to protect the most precious species in the world.

WOMEN they are- The best creation of God.