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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My first poem! :)

This is my first poem. I have tried to write poems many times before, but all in vain. This time, I knew I could write it because it’s about her. I don’t know the poem has been good or not, but as because it’s about her, I thought of sharing it.

Your eyes made me feel for you,
They are full of blossom,
I don’t know why I love you,
You are just so awesome.
Your soft voice and lovely smile,
Are enough to make my heart go heavy,
Whenever you turn away,
I feel like saying, ‘Don’t go baby,’

Even a few months ago,
Things didn’t go this far,
But now, I wish you loved me too,
Every time I see a falling star.
Yes, you are the woman, who changed me,
Taught me how to live,
Before I met you, I was a spoiled boy,
But now that’s hard to believe.

I have got everything I wanted,
You are the only exception,
But I already take you as my beloved,
Though, it’s from my perception.
I know I am dreaming a lot,
Because chances are less,
But I won’t give up till I die,
I want to win this race.

Trust me, no one can love you like me,
Because I love you the most,
And I’ll keep on loving you,
Even after, I become a ghost.
I don’t know why it happens,
But even when I stare at the wall,
Only one face fills up my eyes,
It’s you Puja Agarwal.

Dedicated to the girl whom I have truly loved. Hope she’ll understand one day.
                                                                                           -Suman Naskar


  1. 1st 2 cmnt ^_^ its nostalgic :/

  2. itz awsme!!
    cn i chnge the last lyn n put a nam!?
    i thinkk u knw kar nam hbey! :) :) <3