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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Train!!!

Hi guys,I am back after a break. And this time with a true story. Well so lets stop wasting time and start it.

It was boring. The journey was quite boring. I was sitting in the AC Two tier lower berth of the window side, returning from Bhubuneswar all alone. Have to kill time somehow, i thought. Along with me was sitting a man who was busy texting in the phone for probably thirty minutes. Suddenly my phone rang.
Nishank calling, it showed.
'Hello,' i picked it up.
'Hey bro, I checked your blog, loved the stories,' he said from the other side.
'Well, thanks,' I replied.
'So, when is the next story coming up?'
'Umm, no idea. I need a topic to write my next story. And I am blank as of now,' I sighed.
'Okay bro let me know when you write it,' and he disconnected.
'So you write stories?' the man sitting opposite me asked.
'Ya kind of, why?' i asked.
'Umm, can you please give me your site?'
'Ya okay,' i said and gave him the link.
After checking my stories for full forty five minutes he said 'So, when are you writing your next?'
'I dont have a topic as of now,' I said and smiled.
'Well , I have a story for you,' he said.
'Really?' i was a bit surprised.
'Ya its my story, and you may find it interesting,'
'Okay so start. I am sure it'll kill time for me,'
'But I have a condition,' he said as he put the phone in his pocket.
'Ya say,' I signaled to continue.
'You,ll have to write it as your story,' he said 'the protagonist as you,'
'Okay,' I nodded my head.

So here I start the story. I am writing is at my story because I promised him to do so.
I am Sanjay Kothari, teacher of Allen Institute, Kota. Six years ago i was on my way to Jaipur in a train and like this I was getting bored when I thought of killing time. Tanisha, a very sweet girl was sitting in the opposite side. Looking at her face I could easily say she was getting bored.
'Hey,' I said her.
'Hi,' she smiled and replied.
'Looks like you aren't having a good time,' I asked.
'Ya, boring journey you know,'
'By the way I am Sanjay,'
M Tanisha,'
Then we talked for some time and I came to know she was studying Engineering  in Jaipur and was in her final year. We talked more and more.
'So where are you going?' I asked her.
'Jaisalmer, my uncle's house. And you?'
'I am heading to Jaipur for a seminar,'
I don't know why but I found her smile very sweet. I couldn't remove my eyes of her. She was going on talking and I was staring at her face. Don't know why but I was loving it. I wanted her to talk and smile like this forever.
'So any boyfriend?' I asked her. I couldn't resist myself asking it.
'No, not yet, You?girlfriend?' she asked.
'Naah, never fell in love,' I replied.
'Okay, good,' she smiled.
I actually found my girl, just now. Its you damn it. I wanted to say this but couldn't. Something stopped me from inside. Maybe it was that I was approaching a girl for the first time so was afraid. Then Jaipur came and I bade her good bye.
'Bye, it's nice meeting you,' I said and smiled.
'You are the best guy I ever came across,' she said and smiled. I went down the train. 
I attended the seminar and it was a good one. In all these times I didn't think about that girl, not even for a second.
She came back in my mind, when I was returning from Jaipur to Kota. And this time she was there. she didn't leave my mind. I went to Kota and classes started for me. But somehow in some corner of my heart her smile was still there. I am the best guy she ever met, i thought over and over. Then one day I decided it, I had to find her out. 
Everyday I checked every train going to Jaisalmer from Kota, but it never helped. I never found her. I prayed God to let me meet her once, so that I could tell her that I love her. I cried alone and missed her. What if she gets a boyfriend? what if i was just a stranger for her? This thoughts came in my m mind. Still, I knew I had to find her out. Six months passed. I was standing on platform no.3 of Kota station. I decided, this is it. If i dont find her today, I will have to forget her.
I checked the reservation list of a train going to Jaisalmer.I found three girls named Tanisha on the list. I went up to the compartment and searched her. And there she was. Drinking Frooti and putting her luggage on place. 
'Tanisha.' I called her.
She turned to me.. I said her to come down to the platform. She followed me down.
'Remember me?' I asked her. My heartbeat was fastening up.
'Umm, ya. Sanjay right?' she smiled with those deadly eyes looking at me.
'Yes. I wanted to say you something. I have been searching for you for the last six months. Finally I found you,'
'Really? but why?'she asked in a shocked way.
I bent before her, held her hand and said 'I love you. I loved you from the moment you smiled and said me "hey". I loved you when you said me I am the best guy you ever met. I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I have loved you for the last six months. Will you marry me?'
All the passersby were looking at us. Her eyes became wet. She wiped them and said 'If you loved me then why didn't you say it to me six months ago when we met?'
'I wanted to but I wasn't sure. Please don't say you don't love me,' I folded my hands.
She bent down, kissed on my cheeks and said 'Love you too,' 
I was the happiest person on earth. I finally had her. Next year we got married. Now we are married for five years. And I am expecting my first baby soon.

'Is it true?' I asked him.
'Ya, now i'll be grateful to you if you write this boy,' he said and smiled.
'I'll sir, ;I said and smiled back.
'Oh, Balasore has come, I need to get down. Hope to meet you again. And you write well, keep up the good work,' he said and went down.
I was still lost in the story. That's the power of love. Hats off to you Mr. Sanjay Kothar. This story is for you..

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