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Friday, December 24, 2010


Friends, this is my first article. If you find any mistake, I am really sorry for that.

This is a true story. But first before I share it, let me tell you a few things. This story is incomplete. As I mentioned earlier, this is a true story. So, the story isn’t complete yet and I don’t know how to complete it. I need suggestions to complete this story. Please help me.

This is a story of a boy whose name I can’t mention due to personal reasons. But still, let’s call him Sameer for better understanding. Seventeen year old Sameer was a boy with average looks and a skinny physique. He was rich, egoistic and spoiled. Now as you have been introduced to the main protagonist, let’s start the story.

August, 2009
Sameer was new in school, just 3 months old. Fast in making friends, he became quite comfortable in those 3 months. He made quite a few friends irrespective of the fact whether it was a boy or a girl. But, as we know, exceptions are there. There was a girl called Nidhi. For some reasons Sameer didn’t like her.
He used to say, ‘This girl has a lot of attitude, bloody bitch!’
  One day Sameer decided to teach her a lesson, and that’s why called her from an STD booth. She picked up the phone, and from the other side came a burst of slang. She was shocked and traumatized. She decided to complain to the school authority, but later changed her decision.
‘This is the first and last time I am leaving you. Next time just watch it!’, she warned.

December, 2009
Sameer and Nidhi are classmates so obviously they had to talk. But there was a cold war between them since August. That is what Sameer thought. For Nidhi, past was over, and she talked with Sameer freely. They even used to get punished for talking in class. Such was their friendship, people termed. But Sameer was probably still angry with her.

February, 2010
Six months have passed since the cold war broke between Sameer and Nidhi. In between these six months a lot of things had changed. Exams were over and as usual Nidhi got great marks. Sameer also scored well, but compared to Nidhi it was nothing.
One day Nidhi came to Sameer and said, ’Hey, I have got 93 in accounts, congratulate me,’
He went home and checked his marks. It showed 84.
He took up the phone, called Smita, a common friend of both of them and took Nidhi’s number. He sent Nidhi a text ‘Congratulations’. She replied, and it started. It took just a few days for them to become friends. And in a month, they became very close.

June, 2010
Just then things started changing.
Sameer got a girlfriend called, Vaishakhi. And Vaishakhi and Nidhi hated each other. So, the relation between Sameer and Nidhi started fading. And things became worse when Anurag came in Nidhi’s life. Sameer knew Anurag loved her, but Anurag would say they are just friend on the name of Sameer’s parents. And then, one fine day, Anurag proposed her and she accepted. This made Sameer angry.
He dialed Anurag and said, ‘Dude, this isn’t fair. You lied on the name of my parents. Now let me teach you a lesson,’
The next thing he did was to text all his friends and Nidhi’s friends about the Anurag-Nidhi affair. When Nidhi came to know about this there was a fight and Sameer and Nidhi stopped talking.

December, 2010
Sameer was lucky to have friends like Smita and Rahul. Exams were on. Sameer said Smita to bring Nidhi and Rahul to bring Anurag to a place where Sameer himself would be waiting on the day of last exam. By that time, Anurag and Nidhi were no longer a couple. Smita and Rahul, both did their best to send them to Sameer. Sameer apologized to Nidhi and Anurag.
    A few days later Smita sent a text to Sameer which said Nidhi has accepted his apology and was in fact happy that he understood his mistake. Because she thought these mistakes break the friendship permanently. She also added that Sameer used to be her very good companion, and should try to pull down his ego for success. Sameer was happy. He wanted to be friends again with Nidhi and Anurag. They even exchanged smileys through Smita for once.
And this whole idea was Smita’s and Rahul’s to make them friends again.

A few days later, Sameer saw Nidhi. And suddenly then everything changed.

Sameer felt something. He couldn’t forget that face. What is this? The girl whom he hated so badly that he could have stabbed her started missing her. Things changed in one moment. Now he wants to be with her for life. Is this love? If it is then should he say her? Will she accept? Can really love happen with one time enemies? Can feelings towards a person change like this? But Rahul also loves Nidhi. Can Sameer hurt his friends for his own desire? There isn’t much time, because in a few months, their every chance of contact will be snapped. Please help friends, your suggestion can make a life of a confused boy.

P.S- The name of the characters has bee changed for secrecy of identity.


  1. swesome..!!!
    It is love ...rather frndshp turning into love
    The boy should go nd talk with the girl

  2. awesome n thnx 4r xpalning smirta role so nicely

  3. n if his love love is true nidhi will surely tell yes so till thn jst relax