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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Best Buddy!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I am Ayush. Hey hello, I said I am Ayush. Don’t think Ayush and Sameer are the same person. It’s just that Sameer has given me a small portion in his mighty blog to me for sharing a few things, and I thank him for that. I am already an open dictionary and every friend of mine knows every small data about me. But there was something I had always tried to hide. Something which even Sameer doesn’t know. By the way let me tell you a secret, Sameer and Suman are the same person. He’ll never agree but it’s true. Back to the topic now, I was going to share something isn’t it?
So, what are we waiting for? Here I go……
   I still remember the date fresh in my mind. It was 20th April 2003. The second day of our new session in school and my place was changed. And they made me sit beside a boy who was completely unknown to me. I looked at him. It’s the new good looking soft spoken boy who came to our section from section A. I went and sat beside him. During the Tiffin break I found him sitting alone while I was playing with friends. I approached him for making a conversation (after all I had to spend the rest of the year sitting beside him).
‘Hi, I am Ayush,’
‘Aditya, nice meeting you,’ was his reply as we shook hands.
It took just one day for us to become friends and one year was probably enough to make us the best buddies.
 Now I come to the year 2006. I have skipped a long gap in between because that isn’t much important for you guys to know. In the last two and a half years we became inseparable, that’s the only important thing. We were in the eight standard by then but Aditya didn’t take the admission.
‘Why? Don’t you want to read with us?’ I cried.
‘My parents are going to Delhi. I will be staying in Ultadanga with my Grandma. And from Ultadanga to Joka is a long distance, that’s why I’ll be joining a school somewhere near my house,’ Aditya answered lowering his head.
‘Will miss you yaar,’ I hugged him.
  The friendship wasn’t over yet. The next two years we kept contact with each other through phone calls, text messages, and social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut.
Then the ICSE exams were over and I was free. I was also grown up. I went to meet Aditya in Ultadanga. I reached the Ultadanga bus stop and there he was. Time had changed him. Now he was more handsome and good looking than before.
I met him and we went to a coffee shop. There he introduced me with one of his friends, Ananya.
  I liked this girl just from the first time I saw her. After three four meetings with Ananya, we exchanged numbers and started chatting through sms.
I liked Ananya, and she also liked me, so it took us very little time to form a soft romance.
Eight months passed. In between these eight months Aditya broke up with his girlfriend Sania many times thanks to their regular arguments (Though this lasted only about a week and they became couple again). And whenever Aditya was alone after breaking up, Ananya was always by his side. Mind you, she was by his side, but just as a friend. Aditya misinterpreted this friendship to be love.
Meanwhile after spending eight months with Ananya I got the confidence in me and proposed her. She accepted. This made Aditya jealous. Aditya showed in front of me that he was happy with our relationship, but he wasn’t. He would call Ananya and emotionally blackmail her. Ananya was sweet and simple (and why not? After all she is my girl) and that’s why she would come and say everything to me Aditya used to say her. At first I used to shout at her on talking rubbish about my best buddy and she used to cry. But slowly and slowly I realized it was Aditya. He was jealous. From that day I rarely talk with him. Ananya, I am sorry if I have hurt you, because I never meant to. I love you and will always keep on loving you. And Aditya, why did you do this to me when I blindly believed you? Why Aditya why? Probably even he can’t answer this.\SIGH/