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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Let Me Explain!!

For the last two three days my friends have been asking me why I stay confined to my house these days?
 To some I answered and to others I gave a soft smile. But now I think its time you all should know the reason. I don’t stay confined to my house, but I am forced to stay confined to my house. And guess who forces me, my Mom!

But I don’t blame her for that. Behind every decision there is a reason. And every reason is a story for me. Here’s another one of those.

It was 22nd December. I had to meet my friends in Newalipur from where I had to go to a friend’s birthday. The evening was planned. I knew what I had to do. But God had some other plans.
   It was 10am in the morning. Mom and Dad were not in house, and the servants were also out. I was watching T.V alone in my room when someone rang the door bell. I ran downstairs to open the door. And when I did that I just glared. It was a girl. She was probably in her mid twenties. She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a shawl wrapped around her. Her hair was tightly tied and only one single bunch was falling on her face. Her facial expressions said that she was in some kind of tension.
I know it’s weird but couldn’t help checking her out from top to bottom.
‘Yes? Can I help you?’ I said trying to regain myself from the charm of her beauty.
‘Actually, can I use your toilet? I mean you know I can’t do it on the road like a boy, and I need to go now,’
 I always think that saying ‘no’ to a girl is tough, and when she is so sexy, it turns into impossible. I was speechless, just nodded my head signaling she can come in.
I showed her the bathroom and gave her a towel. Then I went inside my room and started watching the T.V again. Ten minutes passed. She didn’t come out of the bathroom. I went and knocked. I felt awkward to knock but had to. I also changed and took my towel as I knew after she is out I’ll have to go to bath.
 So, I stood in front of the bathroom, shirtless wearing a half pant and a towel around my neck. I knocked again. This time she answered, ‘Five minutes more. I used the latrines so I am taking a bath,’
I waited a few more minutes. Then the door bell rang again. Shirtless, wearing a half pant, the way I was standing, I ran downwards. I opened the door and found it was mom. She came in. And what happened next is a disaster.
We entered the dining hall. Mom washed her hands. I was still in just a small half pant. Bad, the girl whom I allowed to use the bathroom came out of it. Worst, she was just wearing a towel.
Fuck!! I said to myself. I looked at mom.
She stood and stared at me and the girl.
‘Mom, let me explain..,’ I knew what mom was thinking.
‘What are you two doing together half naked? and who is this girl?’ she shouted.
‘Aunty, there isn’t anything like this. I don’t even know him…,’ the girl tried to explain but was stopped midway.
Mom signaled her to get out of the house, and she did that at once.
    Since then mom talk to me less. She has given me a life by not complaining to dad, but she has taken back my life the day when she stopped me from enjoying. I have tried to explain her, but she thinks there is something going on between me and that girl. Whenever I say mom I am going out to meet my friends, she thinks I am going to meet her. How the hell I make her understand that I don’t even know her! And the biggest fact, I don’t even know her name, forget having an affair.


  1. nicely written pal.....
    but allowing an unknown person into your house was not at all a good decsn...would u hav done the same if it was boy or a man instead of a girl ??

  2. nvr..i alrdy said..saying no to such a girl was impossible..couldnt help!!!

  3. wow nice experience buddy nd very interesting too...........