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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breaking Up(Part 2)

This is a continuation of my last post Breaking up(part 1) case you haven't read it check it out at-

One month passed. Riya took over Nidhi. She used to call me, force me to study and do everything which Nidhi did, except having intimate romance though. But I still missed Nidhi. She had become an important part of my life. Every minute came one new sms from Nidhi. All her sms led to one point, she was extremely sorry for what she has done, how much she loves me and all those crap. I never replied. My days used to pass by staring at her in classes. One day Riya noticed me doing that.
‘Go to her,’ she whispered.
‘Huh?’ I turned to her, astonished.
‘You can stare at her later, copy down the notes first,’ she said smiling.
I looked down, at my copy. Rest of the class I didn’t stare at Nidhi fearing to be caught by Riya again .As tuition was over and I was out, Riya called me. ‘Hey Sameer, wait,’
I turned back at her. And then I turned to Nidhi. Nidhi was shuffling her eyes between me and Riya. I wondered what Nidhi must be feeling. Maybe she would have felt jealous. But honestly speaking, I wanted her to feel jealous, because what she had done with me wasn’t acceptable.
‘What happened?’ Riya shouted as I and Nidhi stared at each other.
‘Umm…Err…Nothing. Let’s go, come on,’ I tried to look away from Nidhi.
I am sure she cried that night. She must have, because it’s hard to even feel the one you love with someone else. Who knows that better than me?
As we walked down the CCD, I stared at the logo. I wanted to have a drink, whatever it is.
 Riya turned to me, ’Coffee?’
‘You just read my mind,’
She pushed me by my nose and pulled me inside the café. We ordered Swedish cocoa coffee and chips.
‘So?’ Riya was eager to start a conversation as I was checking one of Nidhi’s messages I received the last minute.
‘What?’ I asked blindly.
‘Let’s come to the point Sameer. You love her, you know that, I know that, half of the world knows that and I thank facebook for that. But, why are you not going back to her?’
‘What will happen to you then?’ I joked
‘You are not my boyfriend,’ she answered, a little pissed off.
‘But I think I have started liking you,’ I said as I put my hand on hers.
‘You are not my types,’ she answered as she finished her coffee.
The nest two months we spent together. We became close and I kissed Riya at least three times, twice drunk and once in my senses. But I still couldn’t forget Nidhi. She was still in my heart. The frequency of Nidhi’s messages had fallen a little bit by then. Previously it used to come every minute, then it had fallen down to every hour, and after these two months it became once a day. Her point in those messages changed from how much she loved me to how much she cared for me and respected every decision of mine.
‘Go back to Nidhi, she loves you’ Riya said after we made out for the first time.
‘Hmm, maybe,’ I answered.
She hugged me and said, ’Sameer, I always tell you to go to Nidhi, but today let me tell you this, otherwise I wont be able to forgive myself. Please stay, don’t leave me,’
I stayed silent.
She rubbed her tears and smiled, ‘Don’t mind, I had to say this. Go to Nidhi,’
Exams were over and we were invited to Rahul’s house for our final get-together. All of us turned up, except Nidhi. Riya was looking gorgeous, way better than others because her only competition Nidhi decided not to attend.
I asked Smita,’Where is Nidhi?’
‘She has left for Rajasthan, sighting some personal problem. I thought you would know,’
‘I didn’t know,’ I said and went to the balcony to cry alone. Why didn’t she tell me? Has she forgotten me? I was lost in thought. The next thing I remember is that I was in the road searching for a taxi that could take me to the airport. Then suddenly a car bumped on me. From it came out Riya, ‘Need help?’
‘I am loosing her,’ I cried.
‘You won’t unless I am here, ‘she said as she drove me to the airport.
She dropped me in front of the gate, ‘Go Sameer,’
‘What about you?’
‘I’ll be going to Detroit tomorrow, forever,’
‘Bye Riya. And thank you,’
As I turned I heard her whispering to herself ‘I love you’. But I had to go to Nidhi.
‘Nidhi,’ I called out spotting her.
‘Hi Sam,’ she came walking towards me surprised. Her sister was also there
‘How are you?’ I asked.
‘I am fine, but suddenly?’
‘Why did you do this to me?’
She smiled and said, ‘You know Sam, I did nothing. I just wanted to see whether you love me as much as I do. I love you so much Sam, that even after knowing in between this three months you have done so many things with Riya, I don’t mind loving you. Because I love you so much, that I can accept you even after you murder anyone. But you, you didn’t even bother to sit and talk with me about it when I said you everything. It’s all because of your ego. Sam .I love you and will always do so. I am pure, and nobody except you have even touched me that way, I even given my heart and soul to you, but we cant stay together,’ and then she started walking away.
‘Please forgive me, I am sorry,’ I whispered in her ears catching hold of her hand. My nose touched her ears. One drop of tear from my eyes fell on her cheeks and one from her eyes fell on my hand.
‘Sam, pull down your ego, otherwise you’ll never get any other girl in life, and all are not as stupid as me. Bye, take care and love you,’ she moved towards to boarding pass counter.
‘I love you Nidhi,’ I cried.
‘Bye Sam, take care, don’t drink much and please learn to clean your mess alone because I am not there with you anymore to do that,’ and she gave me a flying kiss.
Within minutes she was lost among the crowds, leaving me alone forever in this world. I still love her. I really do. Love you Nidhi! :’-(


  1. terrific........awesome twist..!!
    but very sad.......!!

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  4. Homie
    you made me cried
    your adorable
    high respect for ya
    and let me knw
    if yu write another blog
    deuces homie.

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