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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making Out!!

Thanks Akash for explaining the first part so well. In case you guys don’t know what is the 1st part all about go to this link-

 See guys, before I start anything, let me tell you that Alaya is my past. I don’t even have any contact with her now. I don’t know how you people will take this blog, more importantly, how Nidhi will take this blog, but it is something I want to share about my past.

    Three days, three days we didn’t talk. I tried to talk to her but she simply avoided me. We were coming out of tuition class as I called Tanu. 
‘What’s up Sameer?’ Tanu asked me.
‘Can you make it work between me and Alaya?’ I asked.
‘Arre chill, she still loves you. She just a little pissed off, go and talk to her yourself,’ she said as she patted on my back.
I nodded.
As Alaya came out, I took a chance. ‘Hey Alaya,’ I waved my hand towards her.
She turned away after a glance and started walking towards the dark lane. I turned to Tanu.
‘Follow her stupid!’ she shouted.
I nodded and ran after Alaya. As I came closer to her I slowed down my pace.
‘Hey sexy,’ I smiled as she looked at me blankly.
‘I thought that comment suits Meghna more,’ she said as she started walking again.
‘Please! Meghna is sexy? Give me a break. You are a lot better than her,’
I noticed a smile on her face as she said, ‘Ya Ya, I know I am sexy, in fact the sexiest. You are lucky to get me,’
Pheeeww, at last ‘I got her’. It’s so tough to be a good boyfriend. And that evening luck was on my side. It was the time of monsoon and as we were walking big drops of rain started falling on us.
‘Shit, its raining. How am I to go home now?’ she cried.
‘Awww, five minutes and my house comes. What about spending some time there till rain stops?’ I asked back smiling.
‘Don’t try to get naughty. I am still angry on you,’ she said, better say warned.
‘Please, at least ten minutes’ I folded my hands.
One minute silence after which she spoke up.
‘Okay,’ she said as we went to my house, our clothes all wet. Mom and Dad were in Burdwan and so I was alone in house. I changed from my wet clothes and gave her one of my shirt.
‘Am I going to wear this? No way,’ he said stretching the shirt.
‘You don’t have a choice, though I would like you without clothes,’ I joked.
‘Really?’ she raised her eyebrows.
I just smiled as I went to take something from the fridge to eat. As I returned she pulled me loser.
‘Wanna have fun?’ she asked me.
‘Well, who doesn’t?’ I said as my breath started to increase.
She kissed on my chest and slowly and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. My breath stopped, my hands trembled as I pulled her closer by her waist. Her eyes closed. Her wet hair fell on my face. I bent forward. Our wet lips touched. And then, she planted a long kiss.
‘You taste like shit, ‘she said after the kiss.
‘Then you should try kissing someone else,’ I said as I pushed her back, a little pissed off.
‘I like tasting shit,’ she said softly as she went vulgar. She bit my lips harder and pushed me on the bed. Then she did something I never expected. She unbuttoned her own shirt. Amazingly I stared at her.
‘What are you looking at? This are all yours baby. Get them,’ she winked.
‘Huh? I think we are moving really fast. Just cool down and…...’ she kissed me again, stopping me from completing the sentence. This time I couldn’t control myself. I grasped her from behind and threw her into the bed. Then I pressed on her breasts. I could feel her inside me. I pressed them so hard that she shouted.
‘Ouch! It hurts Sameer. Easy man, I am not running away,’ she smiled as her hands reached unmentionable parts of mine.
‘I wont let you run away,’ I smiled as I pushed my body against hers.
‘Your cute puny little thing down there has got straight it seems, why don’t you let it do some work?’ she was getting damn naughty.
‘Once you allow,’ I answered as I shed my pants. Our two naked bodies were in contact with each other. With every passing second, I was falling in love with her more intensely.
She smiled and spread her legs. Then she allowed me to push my ‘little thing’ inside her. I just followed her instructions. I pressed in, she grasped me tight. Her eyes closed down. I kissed on her throat. Her grasp became tighter.
I pressed in Harder.
She grasped me more tightly. Her breath slowed down. We kissed again. Then there was no stopping.
‘I L-L-L-o-v-e-e-e you,’ she said as I pressed as hard as I can, increasing my pace to the highest extent.
After fifteen minutes of hard work we were completely out of energy. I kissed her forehead and whispered into her ears ‘I love you Alaya,’
‘Don’t ever leave me Sameer, love you too my baby,’ she said as her voice became heavy. Her eyes became wet.
‘Want a second round?’ I wanted to lighten up her mood.
‘You are nuts. No energy left in me,’ she said as she pushed me.
I stayed silent.
‘I don’t believe Sameer, we are no longer virgin,’ she stared at me and put her finger on my lips.
‘I guess I am a man now, ‘I smiled as she hugged me. The moment she hugged me, I made a promise to myself. A promise of never hurting Alaya. A promise I could never keep.