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Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking up!! (Part 1)

‘One year Sam, one year we have been together. Isn’t that awesome?’ Nidhi shouted sipping her first shot of Tequila.
‘It is, it definitely is,’ I said as I was prepared to take my sip. We were in the new Roxy Park lounge night club to celebrate our one year anniversary, accompanied by Rahul, Smita, Riya and Mayank.
One shot.
It hit my head. My throat burned. The music went louder. The lights hit my eyes.
Second shot.
It hit harder. My stomach burned. The music blurred.
Third shot. Fourth shot. Fifth shot. I lost count. As I finished the last one Nidhi shouted, ‘Can we dance?’
I nodded.
One nod and she grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into her as we grappled for space in the dance floor. Her tongue run over my ears as her hands grabbed my hair. I felt my hands going all over her and hers going all over me. She pulled me, kissed me ad bit me. Then she left me panting and walked off the dance floor.
‘What happened?’
‘Washroom,’ she said as she made an excuse-me-I-am-sorry-baby-will-be-returning-in-a-minute look.
Nidhi was in the washroom, Mayank, Smita and Rahul were in the dance floor. I was panting so went and sat beside Riya.
‘Won’t you be dancing?’ I asked her.
‘I am little too drunk,’ she said and put her hands around my neck.
‘Yes you seem so,’ I said, my head still spinning.
‘And you seem awesome Sameer,’ she said, her eyes closing down and she leaning towards me. She hugged me. I felt her pushing her body towards me. Her face hovered over mine. I felt her lips brush against mine. We kissed.
‘Sam?’ I heard a voice and looked back. It was Nidhi.
‘Nidhi I am sorry, she just came on to me,’ my senses were back.
She didn’t listen. Next day she sent me a sms asking me to meet her.
‘Why? Sam? Why?’ she cried when we met.
‘I love you; I was not in my senses. Please forgive me,’
‘I want to forgive you. But I don’t know what to do,’
‘Please don’t do this,’ I begged.
‘Lets stay away from each other for a little time, I love you Sam,’ she kissed on my cheeks and left me standing there, crying.
 I kept calling her but she disconnected every time. I messaged her but she didn’t reply. I kept crying whole night.
Everyday I used to see her in school with Karan. I felt like killing that son of a bitch.
One week passed. My days became like hell. I missed her.
‘It happened because of me, I am sorry,’ Riya said as she came and sat beside me in tuition.
‘Its OK, she is just taking a break,’
Slowly and slowly I became good friends with Riya. Nidhi never replied me and I needed support and Riya used to give me that. She used to help me with notes, assignments and even talk with me to make me feel better.
‘You love her a lot?’ she would ask.
‘You doubt that?’
‘Hope I get a lover like you,’
‘You are hot; anyone will love to fuck you, and it also includes me,’
‘Ya but I want love stupid,’ she would wink every time
Then one night Nidhi called me. I met her next day.
‘I am sorry, did you forgive me?’ I asked her.
‘You know Sam, I had forgiven you the minute you did what you did. But it made me scared, that how can I forgive you so easily? I mean how can I love you so much? What if you leave me any day? What will happen to me?’ she said as she broke into tears.
I hugged her.
‘Did you miss me?’ I asked
She nodded.
‘Why? Isn’t Karan interesting?’ I mocked.
‘You are the best, ‘she winked.
Things became normal again. Nidhi became mine and Riya my best friend. One day I was checking Nidhi’s cell and I saw it. Karan and Nidhi together in a photo with the message Why didn’t I meet her before? She is awesome
‘What is this?’ I showed her the picture.
She hesitated.
After asking five times she spoke up, ‘I kissed him,’
'What? When?'
'When I was in a break,'
‘Are you serious? Well good. How did he taste? Was he better than me?’ I started shouting.
‘I don’t know, it didn’t mean anything. I love you,’ she started weeping.
‘Stop this loving crap. When I kissed her, I was drunk. You weren’t. You bloody whore, get lost’ I shouted banging the door.
Now it was my turn .I didn’t receive her phone calls, didn’t reply to her messages, I ignored her. She sent me probably more than a 100 messages, but I replied to none. I was burning inside. Why did she do this to me? Was she bored of me? Why Nidhi why? I kept sobbing whole night. Somehow I slept that night.
Next morning I woke up and suddenly started missing her. I called Riya and narrated everything.
‘You should accept it; even you did that mistake. Grow up Sameer,’ she said
I nodded and dialed Nidhi’s number.
‘Nidhi, I can’t live without you, I am sorry. Forgive me and come back,’ I broke into tears.
‘You know what Sam, I don’t deserve you,’ she said softly.
‘What are you saying? Just look at you and look at me. You are out of my league, still you love me,’ I said, a little confused.
‘No Sam, it’s not that. Actually it wasn’t just a kiss. Me and Karan, we crossed the line,’ she started crying.
‘Fuck, I knew it. You are just a slut. Nidhi, it’s over, I am breaking up,’
‘Sam please, I love you. I can’t live without you,’ she cried
‘Bye. Take care and don’t call me back,’ and I disconnected.
I called Riya and explained everything to her. ‘Can we meet?’ I asked her.
‘Why are you doing this with her?’ Riya asked me when we met.
‘She fucking slept with someone else. She is doing everything, I just broke up,’
‘So what? Put down your male ego,’ she shouted ‘and go back to her,’
‘She was fucked by someone else when she was committed to me,’
So what? You were ready to fuck me when you were committed to her,’ she answered back.
‘Ya but I didn’t,’
‘But you wanted to. If I would have allowed, you have fucked me,’ she said quiet confidently.
‘Whatever, ‘I shrugged and walked away from there.

P.S-this story has a 2nd part
       this story is inspired by the great Durjoy Datta.


  1. awesome plot......waiting for the second part..!!!

  2. Damn you were fine as a mothefucka
    homie i can see the future
    in you r awarded a noble prize for da book written by you

    just kiddin
    but ya words touches our soul nigga
    keep it tight
    and holla at ya hatters
    deuces ;-)