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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That's It

I was turning the pages of my eco book. I was supposed to study about mobility of factors, after all just two weeks left for the boards. Somehow it was not working because my mind was stuck somewhere else. Yes, I was thinking about her, yet again.
‘Urghh, concentrate Suman!’ I scolded myself.
It didn’t work. I checked my cell phone. Then I decided to send her a message.
You can’t imagine Suman without?
Reply...i am waiting!!
Two minutes and came a reply…I can’t imagine you without your friends and so called attitude!
And after that I started a conversation….
Me: Me and attitude? Ha Ha Ha…Joke of the day:-D
She: No, you have a lot of attitude and ego, which has always let you down…
Me: Ya I know, I have attitude but I am working to put it down…
She: Thank God, you accepted it…
Me: Will accept anything you say, I don’t like rejecting others like you…
She: Oh…is it? :-0 hmm…I see!
Me: Btw do I have even 1% chance? I mean…is it like I am BOOM or I can try again?
She: Hey, please you are embarrassing me…btw I saw your photo with Vishaka…I really liked it…you were looking good…
Me: Thank you but answer me first…yes or no? This is the last time I am asking…
She: I want to stay single for now, can’t we stay friends?
Me: That’s it! From now on, you go your way, I’ll go mine…I know this way I’ll destroy my life, but if I stay with you, I’ll destroy your life as well! And I don’t want that…Bye
She: You know what? You are a good human being…and a nice guy, please keep contact…!
Me: Useless, I am deleting you from my contact list…but anytime in life you feel you love me too, just let me know…I’ll be there for you, doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 70…I’ll wait!
She: Okay, if that gives you happiness, then do it…delete me from your contacts…I’ll miss you! :-(
     My hands reached my cell. But it was trembling. I felt a choke in my throat. Within moments, even before I could realize, puddles of tears surfaced from my eyes. I couldn’t see anything. Damn, I cried after five years, for a girl. I couldn’t believe it. I never knew I loved her so much. I rubbed my tears and replied to her…

Bye…I love you, and I’ll always do! Take care, I am already in tears, please don’t reply

Five minutes passed…no reply came! I decided to send her one more message…
This is my last good night wish, happy birthday in advance, take care…and one request to you, please think about it once more after the exams…good night, bye!
Her birthday is 25th march…I’ll never forget it.

Within minutes her reply came…

Happy birthday to you too in advance (23rd April)…I’ll always remember you…please mujhe ek bura sapna samajh ke bhuljana…

And then for the first time I said a wise line…something which even I never knew I could say…I replied her…

Pyaar koi bura sapna nahi hota…I don’t want to start again…please…bye
She: Bye, good night…I am sorry.
Me: Don’t be…and please remember my request!
She: Sure…
I didn’t reply back…I don’t know why I did this…it was never in my plan...I wanted to make the friendship stronger with her, and try again after a few days. But, I did something different; I broke the friendship with her.

She was right, true love doesn’t have a strategy or a game plan, I realized it. I don’t know whether I did right or wrong….but I did it, though i'll never give up!!


  1. KUddos to yew bhai....Tis Simple Awesum....
    Spellbound.. !

  2. Awesome!!! My be u cud hav tried..all u guys are same!! :)

  3. i guess it to be very lively ... d real essence of love n emotions r present ...

  4. grt man.....really a tearsome msg 4 ol lovers..!!

  5. pagol tui..? friendshp izz the best relatn re..! bhangli kano..? comitment er to 108..! frndshp best re..! r meyta pakkka accpt korto toke poore..! \m/

  6. hey do u knw its a vry common prob n dis story is really awesum to make them(those who give such lame xcuses 4 luv") realize how much they r important to our life..... n whoz nidhi??n ur luv is true luv..... i liked this story!!!!